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B.E.T.-ER Mix is a concrete block company serving the Tampa Bay area

Concrete Blocks for Pasco County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Citrus County, & Polk County, Florida

Concrete blocks manufactured by B.E.T.-ER Mix have many qualities that make building with blocks an attractive option for Tampa Bay area contractors and builders…For one, they are extremely durable and strong which is important for Florida’s rough hurricane seasons. Concrete blocks also serve as an excellent sound barrier for building structures. Not to mention, blocks are an excellent fire retardant and an affordable/cost effective alternative to pressure treated lumber.

Did you know that in addition to concrete blocks, BET-ER Mix also manufactures concrete stair treads and ready mix concrete. Not to mention we deliver too! Call us for a quote to place your next concrete related order today: 1-800-232-6833.

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Concrete Blocks.

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Regular Concrete Block 8x8x16

Regular Concrete Block 8x8x16
16 inch and 12 inch round concrete column

12″ Round Concrete Column
16″ Round Concrete Column
Florida Concrete Columns

8x8x8 Half Block (left)
12x8x12 Pilaster (right)
4x4x16 White Split Face

4x4x16 White Split
Standard Concrete Blocks | BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x8x16 Split Combo Block
Pasco County, FL Concrete Block Company: BET-ER Mix

16x8x16 Pilaster
Concrete Blocks Hillsborough County, FL

8x8x8 Butterfly Block
Angle Concrete Blocks

21″ Angle Block
Angle Blocks : Concrete Blocks | BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

14″ Angle Block
BET-ER Mix Concrete Blocks BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x8x12 3/4″ Block
Concrete Blocks Tampa Bay, FL | BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x8x16 Knockout Block
Various Concrete Block Dimension | BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x4x16 Horizontal Cut
Solid Concrete Block BET-ER Mix | B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x4x16 Grey Solid Concrete Block
Inspection Block, Tampa, FL : BET-ER Mix : B.E.T.-ER Mix

8x8x16 Inspection Block